The 4th Year of Pet Portraits with Wyatt the Bloodhound

I have had the Pet Portraits pleasure of photographing Wyatt the Bloodhound for 4 years in row now! He is an absolute sweetheart of dog and I look forward to his session each year and hanging out with his owner, Josephine.

Wyatt Bloodhound Portraits

In the past we had our sessions on the beach twice and once at the UC Berkeley campus, so this year we choose a more urban backdrop and met along the Embarcadero in San Francisco. We started off near the Cupid’s Span. The structure is more commonly known as the “bow and arrow” and located in Rincon Park. It was commissioned by Donald and Doris Fisher (founders of Gap, Inc.) and donated to the City of San Francisco. It’s a really cool sculpture and made for a great backdrop to photograph Wyatt against.

Wyatt Bloodhound Portraits Cupid's Span

From there we walked down to Pier 14 and all the way down the pier were there are stunning views of the Bay Bridge and the Ferry Building. Wyatt really liked this part as he sniffed along the pier finding the people fishing to be especially interesting!

Wyatt Bloodhound Portraits Pier 14

As the sun was rapidly setting we headed down to Pier 5. We wanted to get some sunset pics with the bay in the background and the cool wooden planks of Pier 5 in the foreground. Wyatt is a trooper, he went along with our whole program, ate all the treats I handed out, gave loads of sloppy kisses and was the delight to photograph that he always is.

Wyatt Bloodhound Portraits Pier 5

Wyatt Bloodhound Portraits Pier 5

If you live in or around Menlo Park and need a dog walker, I highly recommend getting in touch with Josephine and hanging out with Wyatt and her pack!  Call Josephine.

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