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Bay Area Pet Portraits

The Chickpea Cube isn’t only for kids. Dogs like to play too and their owners.

I photographed Suzanne’s other Standard Poodle, Mellow, a few years ago and when she heard about the Cube Sessions, she decided it was a great idea to have family portraits done with her new puppy, Bentley. He may only be 10 months old, but Bentley is a good sized dog, but no worries – he fit just fine in the cube. In fact they all did.

Bentley is a very sweet and well behaved puppy. A very expressive face, if I asked him where his blue ball was I got a great head tilt. He seemed happy and relaxed in the cube, especially with his people in their with him. I had a great time with all three of them and I think their smiles and laughs show the same.

Thanks Suzanne for bringing Bentley to the studio and playing in the cube. Enjoy your sneak peek.

Bentley - Chickpea Cube - Bay Area Pet Portraits 2


Bentley - Chickpea Cube - Bay Area Pet Portraits 3

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