A little dog with a BIG personality at Lake Merritt

I often wish that we humans had the resiliency of dogs. It really doesn’t take much to make a little dog happy; a walk, playing with a toy, a few treats, some affection and they are all smiles and waggily tails. I had the pleasure of photographing a dog just like this recently as we strolled along Lake Merritt in Oakland.

Little Dog Munji - Chickpea Photography 1

Little Dog Munji - Chickpea Photography 2

Little Munji may be a pint-sized Maltese & Yorkie mix, but she has a big happy, smile and sparkling personality. Especially given her circumstances. I knew before I met her that she is ill with what is most likely terminal cancer and is undergoing chemo treatments, but you would never know from her energy or her appetite for treats.

Little Dog Munji - Chickpea Photography 3


She was energetic, cooperative and even enthusiastic (although maybe that last part was just directed toward my treat bag!) during our time together and I completely enjoyed our session. I’m pretty sure she had fun too and I sincerely hope her humans enjoyed themselves as much as we did.

The rest of us humans can learn a lesson from Munji, enjoy your life and those simple little joys.

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