A Pug by Any Other Name is Still as Sweet!

When I am out and about I see a lot of Pugs here in the Bay Area, have several friends with Pugs, and I’ve photographed quite a few in my career. So I was surprised to learn that the breed doesn’t make it into the top 10 list of most popular dogs. Well, that just goes to show you how much top 10 lists are worth!

For Sean and Jay, their two Pugs certainly make it into the top 10 list of most loved in their lives. This wonderful couple invited me into to their Corte Madera home last weekend for a session with, Emma and Henry, their much beloved Pugs.


Emma is 15 ½ and still going strong, she doesn’t hear so well anymore but that didn’t stop her she from posing for the camera, she is supper friendly and happy to work for treats.



Henry is only 4, so just a baby compared to Emma, but just as willing to pose on boulders, the couch or run along with me. He was a little reluctant when we placed him on the retaining wall, but Emma was like “hey, no problem. I’m beautiful anywhere, take my picture.”

Henry was also very comfortable sticking his head into my camera bag. Which, actually, happens frequently as I’m sure the smell of the yummy treats I bring with me entices the pups. I’ve even had small dogs climb inside the bag looking for leftovers, but Henry stopped short of doing that, thankfully (it can be a little had on the lenses!).




Sean and Jay have a great slice of hillside behind their home and I made use of the rock formation as a prop for setting up my poses. It was your typical overcast Bay Area morning, which is some of my favorite lighting and made finding a variety of locations easy, as there were no harsh shadows to deal with.




It was a fun morning and I think I made a couple new friends. Thanks to Jay and Sean for having me in their home and letting me play.

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