A Sibling Holiday Portrait for Mom and Dad in our Richmond Studio

As anyone who scrolls through my galleries will notice, most of my siblings are kids, so it was a nice change of pace to photograph adult siblings. I met Mary last year when I did a headshot for her LinkedIn profile. She contacted me before Christmas because she and her sisters wanted to surprise their parents with a portrait. They came into the studio and we had a quick 30 minute session that was a lot of fun.

2015-12-20_0006 2015-12-20_0005

While they were mainly interested in a more formal type of portrait, these three know how to get silly and I encouraged them to laugh and goof around a bit.  It helps to make your subject feel more relaxed and in that way you get more genuine emotion captured in the image.

2015-12-20_0004 2015-12-20_0003

After our session the sisters agreed on the image they thought their parents would most love and they ordered a large print on metal as the Christmas present. I found out in the New Year that the parents were thrilled with the gift. I call that a success, happy clients, fun during the session and a great gift.


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