Along came Betsy

It was fate that I should photograph Betsy.  I first met her in May when she was just a little cutie awaiting adoption at Berkeley Humane.  Then I ran into her walking her humans at Tilden Park one day in July and was amazed to see how much she had grown in those few short weeks.  And finally just last month I find her (with humans in tow) at the obedience class we took Lily to.  So, OK fate I get it – time to snap some photos.

Along came Betsy Along came Betsy Along came Betsy Along came Betsy


Betsy is an incredibly sweet and friendly pit mix.  And that tongue!  Well if you don’t like big affectionate doggie kisses then don’t get too close because she can’t wait to lay one on you.  Fortunately, I do like big sloppy wet doggie kisses and so I got my share.  Not only is she friendly but also goofy and loves her toys.  Those of us at the obedience class soon learned that Betsy was the class clown.  I had a blast at Jack London Square with her this past weekend and am thrilled to see her so happy in her new home.  Another successful rescue story.  Go Betsy!


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