Beautiful Oakland Hills Pet Portraits – Pumpkin, Peru & Pepper

Back in December I photographed a fundraiser for the Oakland Dog Owners Group. Now I get to photograph the three furry family members of ODOG’s president. I meet them at their gorgeous home in the Oakland Hills for my session with Pumpkin, Peru and the newest member of their rescue family, Pepper.

Oakland Hills Pet Portraits 1 Oakland Hills Pet Portraits 2 Oakland Hills Pet Portraits 3 Oakland Hills Pet Portraits 4

Pepper is a one-year old pittie mix with a good deal of enthusiasm, to say the least. It took a few minutes of letting him play around with my trusty stuffy toy, and me before he settled down long enough to hold still for a few poses.

Pumpkin and Peru are the seniors in this trio and obliged a threesome photograph with Pepper. Peru is having health issues, so we didn’t romp and play, but he has a very sweet temperament and kindly followed me around the yard, showing me his favorite spots.

Peru is the Grand Dame of this pack and was quiet possibly my favorite subject of the three. The lady’s advised me that she can be a bit snippy, but she was a delight and patiently waited for Pepper to stop hoping around so we could take a family portrait.

Oakland Hills Pet Portraits 5 Oakland Hills Pet Portraits 6

They have a beautiful yard to play in and everywhere I looked, there was something fun to photograph. And I’m not even talking about the stunning view of the Bay Area. Just another day, outside doing my job capturing the love of humans and their faithful companions.

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