A Bloodhound on Baker Beach in SF who loves his ball

Today I want you to meet Wyatt, my second session from last weekend.  While it was sunny and beautiful everywhere else that day, by the time we got to Baker beach the fog had rolled in.  Ah well, Wyatt looked pretty good against an all white backdrop!  We were lucky though because about 20 minutes into the session the fog burned off and the backdrop turned into blue sky and the Golden Gate Bridge.  I do love the Bay Area!

Wyatt is a 110 pound Bloodhound who loves his ball.  Really, really, really loves his ball!  Did I mention the ball…….

Wyatt - Bloodhound on Baker Beach Wyatt - Bloodhound on Baker Beach 2 Wyatt - Bloodhound on Baker Beach 3 Wyatt - Bloodhound on Baker Beach 5


But the ball wasn’t the only attraction for Wyatt at the beach, there was the water and waves too; he likes to frolic along the shore. I had a blast photographing Wyatt and playing ball (or rather keep away) with him. Thanks Josephine (from Call Josephine Pet Sitting Services) for bringing Wyatt to the beach and letting us all romp that day!


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