Cute Senior Pet Session on Bernal Hill San Francisco

We’ve been having a spat of rather manic weather in the SF Bay Area this fall.  Everything from cold and foggy to rainy and windy to beautiful and sunny.  That in and of itself isn’t that unusual, but we are talking from one day to the next.  When I scheduled a session with Nico the lab/shepard mix we thought it might be a muddy romp on Bernal Hill, but instead it was a beautiful sunny day with great views of SF.


Nico is a very sweet senior guy and the much loved companion of Kim.  The down side to the sunny weather was that it was a bit tiring for Nico and in most of my shots of him is tongue is lolling about; as you can here.

sa brisack-5745


My photo session of Kim and Nico was a birthday present for Kim from her GF, Dawn. If you ever hang out at the El Rio in SF, you might run into Dawn, Kim and Nico as Dawn owns the club and it has a pet friendly policy.  I love a place that allows dogs.

I had a really fun morning with Nico and I like to think that he did too!



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