Dogs have always been man and woman’s best friend

Ask any dog owner if they have any children and you may get the response, “No, but I do have a fur baby.” People who have dogs don’t see them as pets, but more so as a part of the family. There are plenty of historical topics about people and dogs that may help the dog-less understand why dogs truly are man’s best friend.


An example would be that the human and dog relationship goes back to at least 32,000 years ago. Dogs, or domesticated wolves, were a vital part of the survival of Homo sapiens. When we had to hunt mammoths for food and fur, dogs were right by our side, helping us track them down and catch them. They were also helpful as guards, just like they are now.

As early as the 17th century, English royal families were known to have self and family portraits taken with their pets. Dogs were being used for emotional support way before psychologists said to do so. Regal life was pretty lonely and dogs provided companionship. They helped to alleviate the sting of a life lived away from the public.


Now you don’t have to be from a long line of royalty to have pet portraits. They are available for anyone who loves their four-legged babies. You can get photos taken of your dog for Christmas, Easter, or just because they are so darn cute.

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