East Bay Pet Photography – Sunset at Albany Beach

One night last summer, while walking my dogs in the twilight, I was enjoying the gorgeous sunset and it occurred to me try shooting dogs along the shoreline as the sunset is creating this beautiful light against the skyline. This may sound easy, but it really isn’t.

First off it requires an alternate light source otherwise all you end up with is a silhouette. Then comes the trick of balancing that light source against the ambient light. If not, you end up with a nicely lit dog but a dark, uninteresting sunset. This took some practice and I appreciate my own dog’s willingness to spend time posing on the beach!

This beautiful dog is named Luke. He is a lab/pit mix who is trained as a search and rescue dog, which meant that he was extremely well behaved and patient. Since we are shooting as the sun goes down we don’t have time to take many shots and a dog that will hold a pose is a great help. Luke was a great subject, friendly, playful and willing to work for treats!

These images are some of my personal favorites. It was an early fall evening at Albany Beach and we got lucky with a terrific sunset. The colors in the sky were amazing and Luke looks so majestic with the sunset in the background. Thanks, Anja for letting me work with Luke, it was a delight.

If you think your dog would be a good fit for a special sunset session, please get in touch.

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