Family Portraits in Beautiful Belvedere

I grew up in the Bay Area and am pretty familiar with much of it, but recently I seem to be keeping myself mostly to the East Bay, so it was great when I had the chance to hop over the Richmond/San Rafael Bridge and drive into Tiburon for a family portrait session a couple of weekends ago.

Actually, my destination was Belvedere, which is small town on the Tiburon Peninsula at the base of Ring Mountain. Another sunny Sunday afternoon in the Bay Area as I drove along the lagoon headed to the home of the ā€˜Pā€™ Family for their annual portraits. I love it when the whole family gets into the act and this included mom, dad, the two kids, Alex and JP and their 3 dogs, Rufus, Perla and Digger.

Family Portraits Triburon Family Portraits Triburon Family Portraits Triburon

Rufus is the granddaddy of the group at 13, but I would never have guessed that by watching him interact with the kids and his two younger doggie playmates. Perla was well behaved and posed like a lady and Digger, being the youngest, kept sticking his snout into my treat bag. Though I think perhaps Rufus and Perla put him up to it!

Family Portraits Triburon Family Portraits Triburon Family Portraits Triburon

The entire session was delight for me and when we were done with the ‘serious’ posing I had the kids act silly for a couple of pics next to the very cool Airstream Trailer they had in the yard.

Family Portraits Triburon Family Portraits Triburon

Thanks Michelle and Paul for inviting me into your home and giving me the chance to work with your lovely family. Enjoy your sneak peak.

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