Family Portraits – Strolling Around San Francisco

Meeting and photographing the W family was a whole lot of fun.  They wanted a portrait session walking around in their Sunset District neighborhood, as they were about to move.  We headed out along Noriega Street and strolled along visiting the shops and looking for cool backdrops for the portraits.

We made our way down to the Great Highway and crossed over to the beach.  There is some cool graffiti down there and we made use of it for our photos.I had them take of their shoes and run around and play in the sand.  They were great to work with and up for playing around.

It was a typically day next to the ocean, which is to say not warm and sunny, but the W family is used to the overcast skies and moody weather of San Francisco.  And I love that light for portraits.

Who says having your family portraits taken is boring?  Not this family!

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