The Fusion Business Card has arrived – Make Your High Impact Fisrt Impression

What is a Fusion Business Card you may be asking?

The simple answer is – a hybrid of a traditional head shot and video of your business elevator pitch combined in a sweet small 40 second video that you can promote on your website and social media.

It is also a brand new offering from Chickpea Photography and you can see a sample in the video above.  In today’s short attention span digital age, you only have a few moments to make a high impact first impression.

With our Fusion Business Cards, you will grab your viewer’s attention, but not require them to commit to several minutes of info.  They get a quick first look at you and your company or service and because we make you accessible and approachable they want to take the next step and contact you.

Contact me today to talk about how to make this work for your business.



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