Hello my fellow pet lovers and welcome!

Ok, so here I am, finally with my own blog. After all, everyone is doing it so I might as well too. Though to be honest I am trying to imagine what I will find to talk about and who will be interested in reading it, but there I go being defeatist before I have really begun.

Well you may be asking – who am I? So I suppose I should start by introducing myself. Hi, my name is Cyndi, writer of this blog and Bay Area pet photographer. The real purpose of aforementioned blog is to share the day-to-day life of an average girl in the big (ok medium sized) city who is starting her own business in this less than stellar economy. I have a full time day job working as an IT Manager for a large health insurance provider. I do the daily commute thing and feel I am very fortunate to work with some really terrific people and for a company whose mission to provide affordable health insurance to all Californians I can get behind. However, it is not my life’s passion. It has taken me some 20 plus years of working full time to realize that photography is what floats my boat and pet photography especially so.

Having had this epiphany, I have decided to venture out there and start my own pet photography business specializing in candid, natural light on-location portraits. As I am both a long time pet lover and photo enthusiast it seems natural to pursue this goal. Stay tuned and I will post sneak peaks of my photography sessions along with various ramblings on the challenges of this would-be entrepreneur.

Welcome and I hope you enjoy taking the journey with me.

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