Lovely Twins Portrait Session at Jack London Square

As a portrait photographer I can tell you that Jack London Square is not only a great place to shop, eat and enjoy the Bay views, it is also a really fun place to have a portrait session. You can find old brick building facades, graffiti walls galore, cool colored walls and steps, old rusty stuff, sailboats and even palm trees!

So when I was setting up this twins portrait session with two very fun young ladies, Veronica and Vanessa, I knew I wanted a place that is fun, hip and offers several options for backgrounds. The girls were down with checking out JLS and were particularity excited by the graffiti wall we found as that is just what they were hoping for.

Twins Portrait Session 1 Twins Portrait Session 2

The twins are daughters of my hair stylist, Kari from Sheer Heaven.  We’ve been talking for awhile about photographing her and the girls and I’m glad we finally made it happen.  Kari is a lovely person and a terrific hairstylist.  If you are in or even near Pt Richmond, I highly recommend you check her out.  If you do you’ll see a big canvas of her and the girls in front of the graffiti wall!

Twins Portrait Session 3

Twins Portrait Session 4 Twins Portrait Session 5 Twins Portrait Session 6

Vanessa and Veronica are poised, enthusiastic and eagerly did all I asked during their first professional portrait session. They had a a lot of fun and I had a great time shooting them. I normally work with much younger children, but I’m having a blast with the older kids. This may need to become a trend!

Twins Portrait Session 8 Twins Portrait Session 10

If you’ve been thinking of a portrait session for your tweens or teens – spring is a terrific time!

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