Meet Charlie and Peanut

Last weekend I had another Smile for a Cure session and met Charlie and Peanut, two senior red daschunds with their noses to ground sniffing for treats.  They didn’t sit still much, well actually, they barely stopped moving for more than 5 seconds so they kept me on my toes!  Nothing daunted I followed them around with my Canon close to the ground and myself laying in the grass most of the time!  That is, however, the life a pet photography intent on getting The Shot!  Thanks Ann for meeting me in the park and sharing your two cuties with me for a bit.

Charlie and Peanut - Daschunds

Charlie and Peanut 2 - Daschunds

Charlie and Peanut - Daschunds 3



Charlie and Peanut - Daschunds 5

Charlie and Peanut 6 - Daschunds


Charlie and Peanut 8 - Daschunds

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