Meet Lori and Mimi – today’s sneak peak

Lori and Mimi


LoriIt was busy weekend at Chickpea Photography Studio this Labor Day.  We were busy, busy, busy following dogs with the camera.  Today I want you all to meet Mimi and Lori.  We played together at Albany Beach where both Mimi and Lori displayed their posing abilities and their love of the beach.  Lori and Mimi is just this adorable and personable little pug who quickly learned that posing for my camera meant treats.

Not to be outdone her older sister Lori got in on the act too.  Lori’s human was concerned that Lori would be hard to ‘capture’ as she is very shy and doesn’t like the camera.  But I think I won her over!

Enjoy your sneak peak Liz and thanks for letting me with play with Lori and Mimi on Saturday!

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