Mom, Dad and the cutiest boy for Family Photos in Dublin

People often ask me what is harder to photograph – Kids or Pets? It is a tough question to answer. They both present specific challenges to work through and they can both be delightful. Dogs are usually easy for me if I can engage them by using treats or toys. Kids can be a challenge when they are hard to engage, after all, I can’t just go get a stinky salmon treat and have a kid follow me around nudging my hand during the session.

The day I met and worked with the Oh Family, I had no challenges. The dog was cooperative and their sweet and adorable son was a delight.

Chickpea Photography - Oh Family Photos in Dublin 1

Chickpea Photography - Oh Family Photos in Dublin 2

The parents made this session a treat for me. I met them at their home in Dublin, on another one of our typically beautiful and sunny East Bay Area mornings. We started off the session in their backyard and then took a walk to the local park, where I was happily surprised to find some really fun areas to use for backgrounds.

There was this really cool bridge, which is like eye candy to a photographer. A neat wooden double door that I was told is frequently used by wedding photographers in the area (sorry to steal your space guys!) and this fun blue swirly pattern patio that I had them play in while I photographed from up on overhead walkway.

Chickpea Photography - Oh Family Photos in Dublin 3

As a photographer for the past 5 years I’ve learned that you can be in the best space for photographic eye candy and still have a lackluster session if your subjects just aren’t in to it. It is part of my job to help my clients feel comfortable and get into the spirit, but that a concern during this session, this family was a joy to work with and they made my job super easy. Lucky me.

They were open to ideas, friendly and kept their son involved by making it a game and telling jokes that made us both laugh out loud. Clearly theirs is a happy family and they are looking forward to a new addition.

There are numerous fantastic locations for outside portrait sessions in the Bay Area, we are very lucky in that regard, but one thing I always keep in mind are the hidden gems right in our own neighborhood that we may overlook day to day.

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