Our Charity Book Project Launches in July 2019

For years now I’ve been contemplating doing a book project where I could raise funds for a local animal rescue, but I got distracted by life, my former full-time job in Corporate America and not really knowing where to start a project like this so kept putting it on the back burner.  Then last year I decided to get serious and I mapped out the details for a series of books called “Tails of the East Bay.”  And this summer I’ve pulled the trigger on this first book in this ambitious project.

My goal is to photograph 100 dogs that live, work or play in the East Bay Area between July 2019 and January 2020 and then publish a book in the summer of 2020.  And while I am really excited about this, I’m also a teensy bit freaked out!  One hundred dogs mean, one hundred different session times, one hundred different owners to coordinate with, hundreds of emails, texts, and phone calls, thousands of images to load, review, cull, edit, and store.  And that is just the start.

It also means plenty of wear and tear on my camera (fortunately it is brand new Canon), needing to make sure I have dozens of SD cards formatted and ready, plenty of backup batteries charged, my backup camera (also a Canon, but not new) prepped and ready to go, increasing my storage capacity, and managing all this while keeping my regular clients happy and well taken care of in addition to these new clients.  Oh and managing to get some sleep now and then, not letting my spouse feel like a photography widow and making time for all the other stuff that goes on in life.

Sheesh, I’m getting tired just thinking about all of this. And, yes I am donating all my time and energy to make this happen.  And why?  Because the end result will be a $5,000 donation to the Milo Foundation in Pt Richmond.  And as a life-long pet lover and current hooman to 3 fabulous rescue pets (you know who you are, Jackson, Izzy, and Bea) I’m beyond thrilled to have the opportunity, and ability to do this.

Did you know that the Milo Foundation, in the past 25 years has rescued 35,000 pets? That is freaking amazing and they deserve all the help we can offer.

So, if you love your furry family as much as I do, then you should totally check out the Tails of the East Bay registration page and consider getting onboard with us.

And stay tuned for more info as I blog about this journey and how 1 girl with a camera is going to shoot 100 dogs in the next 6 months.

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