Play with two Cocker Spaniels on the UC Berkeley Campus

Today I have a very sweet pair to share with you; Rex and Buffy the Cocker Spaniels.  I’m sorry to say this isn’t my typical sneak peak as my session was a bit of an emergency; you see Rex had late stage cancer.  I’m even sorrier to have to say that he lost his battle with cancer yesterday.  What was obivous to me in the short time we had togehter was that Rex and Buffy adore their humans and Rex was still enjoying the moments he could.  Whether that was sniffing the grass or barking at the dreaded skateboarders.

I am very glad to have spent a glorious fall afternoon on the UC Berkeley campus with Rex, his pal Buffy and their humans, Jeff and Melissa.  I know Rex will be very much missed, but I hope they all find peace in the end to his suffering.

Please meet Rex (smoother coat) and Buffy (curlier coat).

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