Puppy Love Portrait Session in El Sobrante

When we adopted Lily from the shelter she was terrified of us, loud noises, electrical cords and people walking down the street.  The only thing she wasn’t afraid of was other dogs and because she is a pit mix we wanted to continue to foster her love of other dogs.  To do this we felt a doggie day care experience would be good for her as well as have the added benefit of getting her comfortable with other people and places outside our home.  That is where Puppy Love comes in.  Puppy Love Daycare is run out of a private home in El Sobrante and Lily (and Harry too upon occasion) is a frequent vistor.  Cindy and Patti who run the day care have a great love for dogs and a terrific way with them.  They really helped us with Lily, their home is her second home now and she gets very excited when we take her there.

Cindy and Patti have two sweet dogs (that Lily is totally in love with, btw) of their own and I had the chance to photograph them in their beautiful backyard a few weekends ago.  Emily is a black lab with sweet friendly style and Mackey is, well….I’m not entirely sure what Mackey is, a husky/sharpei/shepard mix with an enormous smile and is the reining queen of Puppy Love, I guess.  Thanks to Patti and Cindy for having me over to spend sometime with the cuties and thanks for all you do for Lily!  If you live in the East Bay and are looking for good doggie day care I highly recommend Cindy’s Puppy Love.

Puppy Love 1

Puppy Love 2

Puppy Love 3

Puppy Love 4

Puppy Love 6

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