Richmond Family Portraits – Extended Family at Alvarado Park

I first met Barbara, the matriarch of the B family, when her grand-daughter, Xoxa, participated in my Tween ‘Who I Am‘ Project.  At the time we were reviewing Xoxa’s portrait, Barbara let me know she wanted a portrait of her entire family and she needed to do it soon, as her husband was ill.  So we got to work on the logistics of finding a time and place the family could gather.

We choose Alvarado Park in Richmond, as they are long-time residents of the area and Alvarado Park is a hidden gem in the city.  It is part of Wildcat Canyon Regional Park and is a really beautiful area with many trails, picnic areas and even streams to splash around in on a hot day. The park has been around since the 30’s and it nestled in a residential area, so you might not find it unless you know where to look.

A lovely park and a lovely morning with the B family.  As it turns it, a great spot for a family portrait.  I was very glad to have been able to provide this family with images with their patriarch, as he passed before he had a chance to view the portraits.

Thanks Barbara and Kriz for letting me a part of your family for that short time.

I love working with the whole entire extended family, so if your family needs a moment captured, please get in touch.

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