Senior Sibling Pups Rescued in San Pablo

You know that I am a big proponent of adoption as the shelters are filled with amazing dogs looking for a good and loving home. This wonderful couple, while looking in various local shelters to adopt a dog, was approached one day by a neighbor who had decided to give up her too senior pups stating she could no longer care for them. As it turned out this brother and sister were in need of some help as they hadn’t been well taken care of for some time already.

2015-12-20_0054 2015-12-20_0053

They took them home, made them part of their new family, got them much needed medical care and have lavished both with the love and attention they needed.  Then they decided to memorialize their new family with a few studio portraits.



I think what they have done for these pups is amazing and I could tell immediately that the pups knew that they had been truly rescued.  They gaze with loving eyes upon their new humans and make themselves at home on the new laps.

2015-12-20_0050 2015-12-20_0049 2015-12-20_0048


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