Tails of the East Bay – Outtakes Dogs 1 to 5


In July we officially launched our Pet Portrait Book Project benefitting Milo Foundation.  And boy have we’ve been busy since then.  Much of my time has been taken up with this project and as a result I’ve not got to blogging any of it.  So, let’s correct that right now.

I’ve got some outtakes for you to enjoy, but the best I’m saving for the book, which I’ll start designing next year and will hopefully release around summer time. So far, we’ve raised over $2,500 for the Milo Foundation!!!  And photographed 50 dogs to date.  Here are the first five cuties we had the pleasure of meeting!  Check back as I get to blogging some more outtakes for the other 45!

First up is Suzie.  I’ve known Suzie since she was a adorable little pup and have photographed her a few times over the past 6 years.  And she is also the best bud of my big dog, Jack.  Just say her name anywhere within Jack’s hearing and he is running around crazed and ready to go play!  Her location was the San Pablo Damn Reservoir.

Next up is Cooper.  The loveable goofball of a Golden, shot at Joaquin Miller Park in Oakland.  Cooper was such a sweetheart and just like the typical Golden he was all smiles, wags and kisses.  It didn’t take much work to get him to pose, but we did whip out his stuffie a few times to focus his attention.

Then we have Zola.  She was a first for me, a Pitsky (pitbull husky mix).  We met in downtown Pt Richmond, early one overcast morning this summer. At only 5 months old, Zola was a really good portrait subject who quickly figured out that if she sat pretty for a few seconds, yummy treats were given by the camera lady!

Next is Minnie.  Unlike the morning before, this afternoon session was a hot one as we strolled around the UC Berkeley campus looking for cool locations to use at backdrops.  Minnie is clearly devoted to her people and keeps an eye of them, but quickly figured out that keeping an eye on me too was def worth the treats.

Bear was the last session I had our first weekend of the project.  We meet on a late Sunday afternoon at Albany Beach.  Bear is a very sweet and frisbee obsessed Aussie Shepherd with excellent jumping skills (but you’ll have to wait to see that!)

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