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I had the pleasure of working with the H family (Desmond, Matt and Ale) last summer and you can see their first session here.  That time we met at Heather Farms Park in Walnut Creek on a beautiful sunny day.  This session I went to their home to meet the newest member of the family, 7 week-old Quinn.




Desmond is  a big brother now and that is sort of interesting for him, but he was more excited to show me his play room, toys, favorite books and puzzles.

2015-08-19_0008 2015-08-19_0007

Since I imagine most of the attention is going to Quinn, I brought a stuffed soccer ball for Desmond and he and dad played a little soccer on the kitchen floor for me.


Desmond does like to cuddle with his new bother and he showed me how good he is at that.  He also likes reading with Quinn, but I think Quinn may need a little while to catch up!

2015-07-29_0029 2015-07-29_0030 2015-07-29_0032

I did manage to get all four of them sitting still (sort of) and together for a couple of images, one of which they ended up selecting as large metal for their wall.


But then Desmond was off again.  Almost three year-olds have a good deal of energy!

2015-07-29_0033 2015-07-29_0036

This final image of the day I call family feet chaos.  I wanted an image of all their feet together but Desmond was too eager to play and Quinn just wasn’t sure what was going on.  I love this image though, so did they.  It says a lot about family life!

Thank you Matt and Ale for having me into your home and allowing me to enjoy your very special family once again.


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