What to Bring to Your Dog Photo Session

Your dog photo session is almost here! You can’t wait to capture beautiful images of your furry best friend to hang on your wall, share on social media, and cherish for years to come. 

But how do you prepare for your session to make sure you, your dog, and the photographer have the best experience possible? 

There are several things you should bring to your photo session to help you dog be more cooperative and to make things easier for everyone involved.   

Plenty of treats
We all know that dogs love food, and treats can be a great motivator to get them to look at the camera or even hold a pose long enough to get a few shots. It’s also great to bring treats as a reward for good behavior. After all, you want to celebrate your dog for cooperating with the photographer. Be sure to bring some of your pup’s favorite treats to really motivate them to participate in the session! 

A quality leash
Every owner should bring their dog to their photo session on a leash, and be sure it’s a good leash that isn’t too short. Leashes are an essential part of posing your dog for photos and making sure they stay close and under control. While your dog may not wear the leash for the whole shoot, it’s important to have it on hand for whenever you need it. And just in case the leash appears in your images, you may want to pick up a new one in a nice color, instead of using an old, worn leash. 

Bags for poop
Even if your dog does their business right before heading to your photo session, don’t forget to bring along some poop bags. The last thing you want is to be desperately searching for a bag in the middle of your shoot or running back to your car to get one. Depending on where your session is located, there may be bags available to pick up your dog’s waste, but don’t count on it. Bring along some disposable bags to clean up after your dog and help keep the location clean. 

A favorite toy (and a few that make noise)
If your dog has a favorite toy, bring it along to make them feel more comfortable and get them feeling a little playful. it’s also a good idea to bring along a few toys that make noise, like squeaking or crinkling, to help get your pup’s attention from behind the camera. And consider buying new toys that make different noises than the ones you have at home, since dogs can get accustomed to hearing the same noise over and over again and may have less of a reaction. 

Bottled water and a bowl
While there may be a water fountain available at your session location, it’s always a good idea to bring along some bottled water or water from home. Some dogs can become sick when drinking different water from they’re used to, and while your dog may have no problem, it’s a good idea to bring along your own water as a precaution. And, of course, they’ll need a bowl to drink out of, so be sure to bring a portable one or a bowl from home! 

When you take some time to pack the essentials for your photo session, you and your dog are sure to have a good time, and your photographer will have a better chance of creating images that you absolutely love!

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